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Greetings Loved Ones...

Firstly, let me transmit love and light to you. It is a very interesting time on the planet right now. It's full of change and uncertainty. I have been observing others as well as myself. I have noticed how we deal with stress, change and illness. I have noticed and dealt with my own feelings and reactions to my surroundings. I have noticed how my relationships have either drawn closer or have created distance. I have noticed how people react when they do not feel safe or secure. The idea of being safe and protected has led me to reflect deeply about what I create and what inspires me in the mist of a world pandemic. We often tend to look outside of ourselves to feel safe and secure. I have noticed that I feel the most protected when I am in Nature. I breathe easier and I feel the tension fall away just by being outside in Nature. I am encouraging you to take the time to be in Nature. Nature provides the opportunity for you to go within and know yourself. When was the last time you sat with yourself in Nature and took communion there? If you take that time, I am most certain what you will find is safety and protection. 

In Love and In Light,

The Global Goddess


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