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So, What Exactly Is A Global Goddess?

So, What Exactly Is A Global Goddess?
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I AM the Global Goddess. I have always felt like I belonged to the whole earth and not just where I was born. I was born in New York and raised between there and Houston. As a young person I traveled a lot with my father which gave me a global perspective from a very young age and always seems to feel more at home outside of the US. As I grew the more I gravitated toward cultural adornments of the globe, mixing and matching everything. Just as long as it was from some cool and far away place I loved it. So, it only seemed natural to morph into the Global Goddess. I feel we are global citizens and have a duty to embrace the planet and ALL who live on this blue and green sphere. There are so many beautiful people on the planet. I traverse this planet as a woman and  a woman of color at that. The picture above are all "my" Global Goddesses. I say "my" because everyone shown is a close and personal friend. I refer to them as Global Goddesses because they are well traveled and global citizens who make daily contributions to the people of this  planet . They are beautiful in their own unique way. They all find ways to empower themselves and in turn empower others. Are you a Global Goddess? If so tell me why.

With Love and With Light,

The Global Goddess


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