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What Is The Holding Space Blog?

What Is The  Holding Space Blog?
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First and foremost...WELCOME!

I am the Global Goddess also know as  Khrys Kelly. This is my blog that I refer to as "Holding Space". Holding space is a term very often used by healers, body workers and light workers alike. To quote" Holding space is the process of witnessing and validating someone else's emotional state while simultaneously being present to your own." As healers this is what we do for others. This blog is me holding space for you. I will be sharing different information about what I do and why I do it. I will also share information about all of the wonderful and amazing people I know doing amazing creative and healing work. You will find tips on just about everything under the sun here. My intention is to share Divine Beauty at it's very core. In my opinion life is a beautiful journey of self discovery and learning to master ourselves. Follow my journey here and allow me the honor of holding  space for you to learn and  hopefully be inspired.

With Love and With Light,

The Global Goddess


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